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Radamel Falcao to swap Manchester United for Chelsea, Nicolas Otamendi leaving Valencia

Nicolas Otamendi continues to force his way out of Valencia, with a move to Manchester United linked. Radamel Falcao might be swapping Manchester for London as he lobbies for a cut-price transfer to Chelsea. United target Dani Alves has also denied that PSG are an option.

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It's a boring set of rumours today, let's be honest with ourselves.

So let's start with something that isn't a rumour, but Andy Mitten's review of the transfer situation as the end of the season. He acknowledges Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria have disappointed, and mentions that United are ready to sign two players on the say-so of Louis van Gaal. That's in ESPNFC, so read here.

ESPNFC also has a couple of stories on some actually named players. The first is Javier Hernandez, who is returning to Manchester United after Real Madrid elected not to sign him. If Hernandez was willing to be a substitute again, he'd be well worth keeping around, and also to play in a more pacey United side, but there's little point getting your hopes up. Nicolas Otamendi also continues to manoeuvre his way out of Valencia, and Untied are supposedly waiting to make their move. He's better than Jonny Evans, probably.

Radamel Falcao has left United, and you would imagine that even if he cut his wage demands significantly, he won't be back from Monaco next season. However, Chelsea may be interested in taking him to replace the departing Didier Drogba. He'll be earning less, but Monaco can't afford him anyway. That's in The Telegraph.

Most interestingly, Dani Alves called a press conference to slag off Barcelona for their disrespect. Interestingly, he also said that PSG are not one of his options, which would, perhaps, indicate that Manchester United are just waiting for Van Gaal to push the button on an offer. Or not. That's in the Daily Mail.

And lastly, Juan Mata's done a blog.

I told you it was boring.