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Manchester United win two late trophies

Manchester United have stolen a march on their rivals, Chelsea and Arsenal, with two huge successes worth many millions.

"Now, I must stay."
"Now, I must stay."
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Manchester United have had, if you look at it very shallowly and superficially, a poor season.

There have been upsides, like Louis van Gaal continuing to beat up Ryan Giggs, and Giggs being able to do absolutely nothing about it because United met their target of getting into the Champions League.

There is the Champions League qualification, too, meaning that United will find it easier to attract players who play excellent and exciting football in theory, and it means that United can test themselves against the best teams in Europe, rather than just Chelsea and whoever else happens to make up the Champions League.

There were victories against Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal, and there were acceptable performances against Chelsea given the state the squad had been left in by Alex Ferguson, Edward Woodward and David Moyes.

There were late triumphs to get the blood pumping, as the goal from Marouane Fellaini against Crystal Palace demonstrates. But there were no trophies.

Or so we were told.

It turns out that in fact, United won social media, and announced the victories with the quiet dignity we have all come to love and expect from Manchester United's Twitter team. They are a blessing.

Take that, Arsenal!

Shove it, Jose!