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Bayern Munich chase Angel Di Maria, Manchester United pursue Geoffrey Kondogbia

Bayern Munich want Angel Di Maria, Manchester United chase Monaco's Geoffrey Kondogbia, Iker Casillas treats David de Gea to Real Madrid as a done deal, and Dani Alves continues to be linked to United.

"Where in Spain is Munich, exactly?"
"Where in Spain is Munich, exactly?"
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

With Sepp Blatter's world collapsing around him yesterday, this morning and for the foreseeable future, you will not be surprised that there's little transfer news to go around. Also, everybody in football is probably having a few days off, what with the chance to go and get wizzed up on booze, consequence free, having finally presented itself.

There are a couple of stories on Angel Di Maria. One is in The Sun, about him learning English so that he might better adapt to life at Manchester United after a tough start. What's interesting is that all the stories about Di Maria never say that United are trying to get rid of him, and he rarely seems desperate to leave.

That isn't to say he won't leave. There's a rumour that Bayern Munich are after him, in The Mirror, and whether or not it's true, the suggestion that United will accept an offer near what they paid for him makes sense. It might end up being easier for all parties if they simply start again with a new player or a new club.

Another one from The Sun, where they report Iker Casillas discussing David de Gea as a done deal. It's hard to tell how much the quotes have been taken out of context, but we can all accept that we'll be surprised if De Gea chooses to stay at United when he has the chance to return to his home.

Dani Alves is still not going to go away. He's out of contract and the rumours are intensifying. He's an upgrade on every right back at the club, and if you've actually watched him this season you'd know he's been an essential part of Barcelona's success this season. That's in The Mirror.

The Manchester Evening News have a couple of stories, too. One is that Adnan Januzaj is not interest in going on loan. You can read that here, and I would suggest you ignore it, he'll almost certainly be loaned out unless the transfer window is a total failure.

And the MEN also has a round-up of its own, mentioning that Nicolas Gaitan is actually not a target, mentions Nathaniel Clyne as a possibility still, while adding the name Geoffrey Kondogbia to the transfer circle of effluence. It also says that Javier Hernandez will be used to raise funds or in exchange for targets. Bye, Javier!