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Manchester United use old Chelsea design as new third kit

It used to be that Chelsea would look towards Manchester United for examples, now United take their cast-offs, with the new third kit an obvious example.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Manchester United have some classic third kit colours: blue, white, black, and occasionally green and yellow as a call back to their roots.

Things have changed now. Umbro had been passed over in favour Nike and their endless millions, and then it turned out that Adidas's budget was even more endless than Nike's.

We've seen the first kit and the second kit already, and while they basically look like Bayern Munich kits with a United sponsor and badge stuck on, they do at least use traditional colours.

But the third kit is a slight change on Chelsea's black away kit, and is equally luminous. It's abomination, but then again, it's a third kit, who cares? There is life to be getting on with, and football has been almost entirely ruined as it is, a dodgy change strip is hardly going to make it any way worse.