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Manchester United Morning Links: Ander Herrera to Barcelona?

Oh dear, that defeat to West Brom stings a bit. Still, it gets worse, as Barcelona are interested in Ander Herrera, Manchester United are making demands of Louis van Gaal in return for investment, and the loss to West Brom is still painful.

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Ah, well. Now. Yesterday did not go quite as planned, and the blame can be assigned mainly to Louis van Gaal for coaching the team to only really be effective in one single circumstance: when the other team defends deep and with little ambition, that's been a problem in the last three games, and almost all of the season. Van Gaal blames a failure to finish, as you can read in the Guardian, but that's a half-truth. United simply did not create enough chances, or enough good chances.

You know what will fix it? Money, because money fixes absolutely everything in the world. See all that money poured into anti-depressants on the NHS or in private medicine while talking therapy remained underfunded - it totally fixed mental health problems around the world. Ahem. United are trying a similar approach here, preparing to wang a load more cash at players in return for a title challenge. Well, it would certainly cheer me up, so maybe we can get the NHS to give us money for Memphis Depay. Read about it in the Mirror. Also in the Mirror, Barcelona want Ander Herrera, and I can't believe that, because he's been little more than 6/10 for much of the season. You also imagine the little Basque chap wants to stay at United, for some intangible reason.

No jokes in this bit. You can read Chris Ramsey talking in the Telegraph about Rio Ferdinand had coped with his wife's illness here.

Over at ESPN, Nicholas Miller has ably rounded up the key points from yesterday's match, and we'll be covering the fallout on the Busby Babe over the week, too.

Fourth place, don't leave us. We need you. We need you because we need the Champions League. We need that because as fans we like seeing you play often, and because it's vital Liverpool don't finish above United in the league, and most importantly, because as freelancers specialising in Manchester United, we really need the work.