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Manchester United look to steal City's James Milner and Spurs' Hugo Lloris

Manchester United have been linked with a free transfer move for James Milner, and Hugo Lloris has no release clause, meaning Edward Woodward will have to offer Tottenham Hotspur at least £25 million.

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Now this is a hangover.

The Mail. Robin van Persie. Juventus. Gonzalo Higuain. Napoli. Manchester United. Details.

*Drinks pint or two of lemon squash, feels a bit better.*

David Moyes, the old Manchester United manager enjoying his time at Real Sociedad, has apparently held face-to-face talks with Adnan Januzaj and wants to bring him to Spain on loan. That's in the Telegraph, read it here.

*Eats bacon sandwich, the restorative power of pig grease seeps through the body.*

According to the Mirror, United's potential replacement for David de Gea at Spurs, Hugo Lloris, has no release clause in his contract, which means that Edward Woodward and Daniel Levy will face off over money. Unless, of course, United decide they shouldn't buy a reckless clown of a goalkeeper and go for someone competent instead.

*Pops the cork on a bottle of fizzy booze, takes a sip, attacks the day with energy, verve and love for life.*

In the Sunday People, Steve Bates - who has predicted the team news accurately for a season, at least, so obviously knows what he's down, think United have made contact with James Milner over a possible free transfer from City. Milner is consistently excellent at being very good, is superior to Daley Blind and Marouane Fellaini, knows the league, and is an excellent professional. It would also annoy Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal, and would be the kind of player United need to bulk out a squad while also raising standards. You can read about that here.