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Tuesday Morning Manchester United Links: David de Gea to sign new deal?

Manchester United's goalkeeper David de Gea is rumoured to be signing a contract extension of at least two years after being linked with Real Madrid.

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What are you doing, David? Manchester United are terrible.
What are you doing, David? Manchester United are terrible.
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

There have been contradictory stories about David de Gea's intentions for next summer and beyond. You could look at tBB's email account to see all kinds of stories indicating where he's going and what his plans are, or why he's staying and what might cause that, but you could only do that by hacking its account, which would be illegal. To stop you committing a crime - we're not angry, just disappointed - you can have a look at The Sun's story which says he will sign a two-year contract extension, here. And if you don't like the idea of a paywall, or you just rightfully despise The Sun, we'll have a summary of it on the story soon. Or if you're reading this in a few hours, we already have it up.

Darren Fletcher, United's ex-midfielder and the player to win the free kick that consigned them to defeat against West Brom on Saturday, has said that simply finishing in the top four next year will not be enough for Manchester United. As he usually is about football, Fletcher is correct. You can read about it in The Mirror. Tony Pulis, meanwhile, denies that his West Brom side parked the bus at the weekend. They did, Tony, but that's OK. You won.

Will Adnan Januzaj sling his grumpy hook? That's the suggestion in The Telegraph, who speculate that United might be happy to send the ineffective but underused winger to PSV on loan as part of a deal for Memphis Depay. Let's be honest, this might be true, it might not be true, but it's entirely clear we've no idea one way or another.

If you fancy a laugh, why not read Ashley Young on ESPN suggesting United have the character for a Champions League spot. That's Ashley Young, a man of such character he only bothered trying on the pitch once it became clear Louis van Gaal was more than happy to start booting people out of the club, and who has since become terrible again once he received some praise for four months of competence. Thanks, Ashley!

And one last thing. I wrote about Manchester United's defeats and why it has to do with Van Gaal's tactics and failures in coaching. It's for Eurosport, but we're all friends. You can disagree with me in the comments here though, as I'll actually read them.