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Manchester United Morning Links: Dortmund to block Hummels' Manchester United move?

Ilkay Gundogan's departure may stop Mats Hummels also making a move to Old Trafford this season. Elsewhere, John Aldridge is right about something, annoyingly.

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Mats Hummels: a handsome man.
Mats Hummels: a handsome man.
Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

First onto the transfer rumours: in The Mirror, they reckon that Ilkay Gundogan's departure, to United or not, might stop them selling Mats Hummels, to United or not. That's because they have a track record of selling only one star per season. With Klopp going, you could imagine that strategy might change, especially as they are both running down their contracts, and a new manager might want to raise funds to reshape the squad.

The excellent Rob Bagchi has written about why it would be ridiculous for Real Madrid to sell Gareth Bale to Manchester United for The Telegraph. He is correct that it would be a daft decision for Real not to make Bale work for them, given all he has to offer, but luckily for United, Real have a habit of selling some of their best players. Hope for a Claude Makelele impact rather than an Angel di Maria one, obviously. Also for The Telegraph, their United hack, Mark Ogden, has written seven ways in which Manchester United could improve over the summer. It's a summary you can't really dispute, so have a look.

John Aldridge, that bastion of common sense, and in no way a hugely objectionable human being with a track record of wibble and bias, has said Liverpool could still make a play for fourth place. Annoyingly, and unusually for him, he's correct. To balance it out, remind yourself of his stance on racism.

On ESPN, the consistently excellent Andy Mitten has written well on United's pursuit of the Champions League places and United's preparation for the next season. The most important thing when it comes to fourth place is that Manchester United must absolutely not panic - even if IT WOULD MEAN THE END TO THE WHOLE CLUB AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WIDER WORLD.