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Morning Links: Manchester United to miss out on Bale and Clyne?

Gary Neville has speculated on the progress both Gareth Bale and Chelsea could make if they joined forces, and Nathaniel Clyne could yet stay at Southampton.

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Gareth Bale. Good player, terrible hair.
Gareth Bale. Good player, terrible hair.
Michael Regan/Getty Images

It seems like Gareth Bale has cooked his chips at Real Madrid, dipped them in Welsh rarebit mix, and eaten them. During a 2-1 defeat to Juventus in the Champions League semi-final last night, he wasn't especially good. Roy Keane absolutely battered him - with words, luckily for all concerned - and The Telegraph have more on that. What does that mean for Manchester United? Well, if Real Madrid fans continue to get on his back, and they rarely need any encouragement to do so, then you can imagine that a move to Manchester United would start to look very appealing. Gary Neville, mind, has given us all something to think about though: a possible move to Chelsea would be a huge blow not just to United but to every club in the league looking to catch them.

Something else in The Telegraph suggests that Nathaniel Clyne is happy to stay at Southampton. You should probably read the last thing he said about his agent 'negotiating' to wonder if he's just being nice to get his move to United (or Chelsea). More here.

Potential aggro news in The Mirror: Roy Hodgson wants to take Luke Shaw to a European Championship qualifier against Slovenia in June (June! FFS). Louis van Gaal wants the young chancer to stay and get fit at United, given they actually  employ him. First John Aldridge, now Adam Lallana. He wants fourth place. Imagine how the world looks if that happens.

Musa Okwonga - Manchester United expert and poet, just look here - has written about Ashley Young. Anyway, that's on ESPNFC, so it's on them. There's been some utterly bizarre revisionism on Young, as if a few months of doing his job rather than, as usual, being an utter disgrace, somehow deserves a reward of many millions of pounds. It clearly doesn't, and it'd be foolish to think he won't just play as badly as he has in the last few weeks, for the rest of his career. If you'd like to discuss Ashley Young in the comments, then you have to wonder where your life has gone wrong are welcome. Actually, having read it, it's actually Michael Carrick.

A late addition: Jamie Jackson had reported that Bale is keen to stay at Real Madrid. It's in The Guardian, and it's Jamie Jackson, so how much trust to put into this article is entirely up to you.