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Manchester United linked with move for Hoffenheim's Roberto Firmino

Reports say that Manchester United have agreed a fee with Hoffenheim for attacking midfielder Roberto Firmino, and Edward Woodward is determined to sign Spurs striker Harry Kane.

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Let's have a nice, friendly and inclusive morning round-up today.

The Manchester Evening News thinks that Edward Woodward is determined to show off in a new way this summer, and most others will consider that a determination to embarrass himself in a new way this summer. He has his sights on Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane, despite Spurs regularly and publicly saying they've no interest in selling, and no indication from Kane that he even wants to leave. Still, it gives Woodward a summer target to waste all his time over. He is a wonderful man. You can read about that here.

Samuel Luckhurst of the same paper has a story that suggests Morgan Schneiderlin of Southampton is the player Louis van Gaal wants as his new right-sided midfielder. Presumably that means where Ander Herrera plays rather than where Juan Mata plays, but it also says he would be the successor to Michael Carrick. I'm lost, here. You can read Luckhurst's article here. Bastian Schweinsteiger is a target too, apparently, and he is yet to have talks with Bayern Munich about his future.

In the Telegraph, there's a story that Real Madrid would like to get hold of David de Gea in the next few weeks. I think I speak for everyone when I say it's the most boring thing in the world, and nobody cares what's happening anymore, can we please just hear the end of it? Read more here, bore yourself stupid.

Like someone on a life support machine, we're entering the final stages. The Mirror think that Inter Milan have bid £8 million for Javier Hernandez. United are holding out for slightly more money, as well they might, but it'd be nice to have the moody bloke kicked out for good. That's here.

In the Mirror's daily transfer blog they report the news that Roberto Firmino is subject of a £13 million move from United, with a medical due while he's on international duty with Brazil. He'd be moving from Hoffenheim, and you can read about that here, and watch his highlights below.