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Manchester United confident on Barcelona's Dani Alves, David de Gea doesn't rule out Real Madrid move.

Manchester United believe they are first in the queue for Barcelona's Dani Alves after Paris Saint-Germain's Laurent Blanc ruled out a move for the defender. David de Gea refused to say he would stay at Manchester United next season.

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Good morning, let's get going before mortality gets us going.

In The Guardian, Jamie Jackson writes that Dani Alves is wanted by several clubs, but that Manchester United are the favourites for his signature. Alves' last press conference was hardly conciliatory towards Barcelona, and PSG ruled out a move for him last week. Those two things could obviously change, but Jackson has pointed out that United's squad demands next season, to do well in the league, Europe and domestic cup competitions, means that Louis van Gaal wants plenty of quality as well as depth in the squad. Alves would add that. Read here.

In The Telegraph they have a story that is matched almost everywhere else, saying that James Milner is expected to sign with Liverpool imminently. There were a couple of rumours Ed Woodward had stuck his oar in with a late move, but regardless of veracity, it doesn't seem to have made any difference. That's here, if you want all the words.

A slightly better midfielder than Milner, Paul Pogba, has said that his Serie A success and Champions League final have shown that he was correct to leave United a few years back. And he is completely right, Juventus have served him better than United would have, and he's now set for a move to Barcelona or Real Madrid. You can't argue with that, and if you really want to, you can shout at the article in The Mirror while you do so.

David de Gea was asked about his future, and said that we'll all see in the future. Well, obviously. That means one of two things: the deal is already agreed to go to Spain but he's not saying anything, as is usually the case when the deal is amicable; or secondly, he really still does not know what he wants to know. It's probably the latter, could well be the former, but either way, he's probably off. That's in ESPNFC.

Right, that's your lot.