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Manchester United face Liverpool competition for Roberto Firmino

Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers are attempting to hijack Manchester United's proposed purchase of Roberto Firmino from Hoffenheim, meaning that should Firmino join Liverpool, he will be dead to us.

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Daniel Kopatsch/Getty Images

The Mirror seems have done all the work, so let's give them the credit.

There's a story that Ilkay Gundogan looks set to stay for another year at Borussia Dortmund, which means that United will have to find an alternative. Honestly, United are so far adrift of the best sides that it's not about buying the very best players available, enough progress could be made by buying almost any player at a top side. Morgan Schneiderlin, for example, would be more than good enough. Read that here.

Liverpool are apparently trying to hijack Manchester United's deal for Roberto Firmino. Now, there's no certainty United are actually in for him, yet, but you can be happy to write off any player who would prefer to join Liverpool over United as a waste of time or a Liverpool fan, though obviously they're pretty similar in many respects there. That's here.

According to this article, the transfer window has taken Louis van Gaal by surprise, and is yet to make his mind up over his defensive targets. This really is one of the things he should have sorted already, in my opinion. Anyway, as he dithers over Mats Hummels, Nicolas Otamendi is doing all the right things about trying to force through a transfer to United. Look, if someone actually wants to join United and the other guy doesn't really care, you don't have to look at Angel Di Maria to realise what should be done.

In the Telegraph, Javier Hernandez complains he was made to feel unimportant at Real Madrid. That's because you were unimportant - did you not see who you were playing with?

Right, that's it. Enjoy the cricket today.