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Andreas Pereira scores zesty goal for Brazil U20 against Serbia

Andreas Pereira scored a goal against Serbia for Brazil in the U20 World Cup last night that demonstrates the talents that United should start to integrate into their first team in the 2015/16 season.

Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Brazil took on Serbia in the Under-20 World Cup last night, and Serbia scored a last-minute injury time goal to win the final.

So far so dull, yes, but there's a Manchester United hook. Andreas Pereira has been struggling for a start of late for Brazil, but nonetheless has impressed with goals and assists from the bench. He again had an effect, scoring the best goal of the game, Brazil's equaliser at 1-1.

It had been rumoured that Manchester United would lose Pereira, but towards the end of the season he renewed his contract. He made his cup and league debut for United last season, and at 19 there's a chance he could start to break through into the first team in 2015/16. With Ander Herrera impressive but overrated, Marouane Fellaini's buffoonish tendencies, and Juan Mata's failure to establish himself as undroppable in midfield, there are places for him to target. A lack of creativity and speed his what the side desperately needs, as is stuff like this: