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Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos 'relaxed' over move to Manchester United

Manchester United continued to be linked with Real Madrid central defender Sergio Ramos, and news stories suggest that, for the right offer, both Jasper Cillessen or Hugo Lloris can be easily taken from their current clubs.

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Terrible news. Phil Jones is likely to sign a new contract with Manchester United, as they reward utter, utter mediocrity and complacency with a raise and financial security. That's in the Manchester Evening News, and is utterly depressing. You can read that here.

There's Jasper Cillessen. He's a goalkeeper. There's David de Gea. He's a goalkeeper. There's Hugo Lloris. He's a goalkeeper. There are potentially three developments. One is that Ajax are happy to sell Cillessen for the right price (£25 million), which is here. There's talk of a gentleman's agreement from Daniel Levy if United bid £18 million, which is here. And there's David de Gea. He's not here anymore, he's doing one to Spain for good. Thank you, the Mirror, for those.

In the Telegraph is a translation of a story linking Angel Di Maria to Barcelona. Shouldn't Manchester United actually buy some players for next season instead of just selling their most talented ones? That's here.

Lastly, Sergio Ramos is 'relaxed' about a potential exit from Real Madrid, with talk linking him to Manchester United and Barcelona. He is very unlikely to join both of them, but joining one of the remains a possibility. That's in ESPNFC, here.

Do you think United are actually going to buy players, or just continue d*cking about?