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Morgan Schneiderlin to have Manchester United medical on Tuesday

Morgan Schneiderlin will join Manchester United this week, with Bastian Schweinsteiger tempted to leave Bayern Munich in return for a starting spot. Liverpool want Javier Hernandez, for some reason.

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Jan Kruger/Getty Images

According to the Sun, which you can pay to read here, Morgan Schneiderlin will have his Manchester United medical on Tuesday, and a move will be announced shortly. That's not a surprise, the move has been on the cards for a week or so, and the most interesting news to come will be who follows him in the next few weeks.

The Mirror have a story that Manchester City are going to join the race for Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos, which you can see here, and the Manchester Evening News thinks that United have only made one bid for Ramos so far, but are considering a further, improved offer.

Nice Scotsman Jonathan Northcroft wrote in the Times that Bastian Schweinsteiger is tempted to move to United in order to secure a place for Germany at the 2016 European Championships, he probably rightly believes that he will face less competition for starts next season. But can he dislodge the incredible Michael Carrick?

In the Telegraph there's a story that Liverpool will bid for Javier Hernandez. Rationally, United should be happy to accept the bid and let them have a moody, self-indulgent clown who is never worth a consistent starting sport. Realistically, United should never let absolutely anyone join Liverpool if they can help it, and he would inevitably score 19 hat-tricks for them on their way to another title, if he was allowed to join.

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