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Manchester United after Raheem Sterling, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo

Both Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo are apparently agitating for a move away from Real Madrid, and Raheem Sterling of Liverpool is subject to a bid from Manchester United.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Right, lots of rumours, and big ones at that, today.

First, to Real Madrid. Marca are reporting that Cristiano Ronaldo has said he prefers to cut in from the left, and no longer wishes to play on the right wing, as he has more room to attack from there. For Gareth Bale, it's something similar - he doesn't want to play on the right.

Now, Marca are basically the propaganda wing of Real Madrid, so it doesn't make these stories true, but it does indicate that someone is briefing to unsettle Ronaldo and Bale, or to make them look like they are agitating for a move away. Ronaldo and Bale have long been linked with a move to Manchester United, and you can rest assured that should they both be available, Ed Woodward will do all he can to bring both of them in the summer. Regardless of whether it makes sense in terms of actual football doesn't matter to him, but what's handy this year is that both players would be enormous improvements on the side generally. This is one to watch, and I'd expect at least one of them to be in a United shirt by the start of the season.

In The Mirror, they've rehashed a story that United will bid for Raheem Sterling. There's clearly interest from United in Sterling, whether it's to wind up the club or to get the player, it's not certain, but you might like to remember there is almost zero chance that Liverpool would sell Sterling or any player to United, especially when Sterling has many other clubs interested in him. You can read about this here.

Finally, there's no indication that United's claim that they already have a couple of deals ready to go isn't true, so you should wait for the season proper to end before wondering why gossip appears to be moving slowly, added to the fact that FIFA has taken up everyone's interest.