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Is Patrice Evra the second coming of Jesus?

Jesus showed a lot of qualities, not least his power of forgiveness. But Patrice Evra, once of Manchester United, has come unprecedentedly close to replacing Eric Cantona as the greatest living Frenchman.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Evra has been interviewed ahead of the match between Juventus and Barcelona, where he will face the man who unapologetically racially abused him, Luis Suarez.

Evra, though, holds no grudge against the pitiful excuse for a man who lines up against him, a man who has repeatedly claimed he is a victim of a conspiracy, despite admitting racially abusing Evra straight after the game, and also in front of the FA hearing.

Evra said:

Yes, but I don’t want his apologies. It doesn’t matter, it’s no problem for me. But when we are going to play the game, I will shake his hand. He will never be my best friend, but this is not a problem.

The past is the past. I am really proud of my colour and I will shake his hand like I did with Manchester when we play against Liverpool. My game is against Barcelona, it is not against Luis Suárez, but I will make sure he will feel me on the pitch.

I didn’t say to the judge that Luis Suárez is a racist person. I just say in that moment he have some racist comment. I didn’t go there and say now 'you have to punish him, he is a racist person’. I don’t know that because I don’t know Luis Suárez very well to talk about it. "But I controlled myself, I behaved myself, because in that moment I remember, it was like a voice inside my head – 'don’t do nothing stupid, don’t do nothing stupid, don’t punch him or do something stupid because a lot of people are watching this game’.

For some kid, you have to show the example. If I do something wrong, maybe today I won’t be playing the final of the Champions League – I will get maybe a three-year ban or something like that. Sir Alex Ferguson after the game, and all my team-mates, they saw my face. I was in another galaxy in that moment. A lot of things were happening in my head. It was a really difficult day, but I was really proud of myself.

A lot of people say, ’Oh Patrice, you make a great choice leaving Man Utd’. No matter what, if you leave Man Utd and you’re still winning, it is always the wrong decision to leave Man Utd. I want to be clear on that – I leave Man Utd for personal reasons.

Evra moved from Manchester United to Juventus, and coincidentally is now hundreds of miles closer to the Vatican. Is that really a coincidence?