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Champions League Final: Barcelona vs Juventus thread

Discuss the match between Barcelona and Juventus in the Champions League, featuring ex-Manchester United players Gerard Pique, Paul Pogba, Patrice Evra and Carlos Tevez.

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Points of interest for Manchester United fans:

Watching Javier Mascherano and Luis Suarez, old Liverpool players, play for Barcelona. It's hard to resist wanting to see them fall flat on their faces after years of service for the most detested rivals of United. Mascherano leaves fond memories for his hilarious red card, and Suarez inspires contempt for his unapologetic racism.

Wondering if Jonny Evans is better than Gerard Pique. The story is that Pique's lack of comfort with the high ball in the Premier League, coupled by Evans's excellent first two seasons for United, meant that Pique was allowed to join Barcelona in the same year they bought Dani Alves from Sevilla. You know what happened after that - Barcelona quickly became the best team in the world and one of the best of all time.

Thanking the Glazers for letting Paul Pogba and Carlos Tevez go. Yes, Tevez was an awkward character, and expensive too, but his performances for Manchester City and Juventus have demonstrated that there are few better players to have on the pitch. He liked United, and Alex Ferguson isolated and then got rid of him. It wasn't the worst decision at the time, but just remember his replacement was Michael Owen. As for Pogba, the rumours are he wanted more money than Ferguson could countenance - the same Ferguson who spent £7 million for Bebe, in a transfer that was investigated by the Portuguese police.

Pondering the question: is Patrice Evra the second coming of Jesus?