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Manchester United linked with Robin van Persie sale and move for Felipe Anderson and Karim Benzema

Manchester United are rumoured to be interested in Karim Benzema of Real Madrid, Southampton's Morgan Schneiderlin, Chelsea's Petr Cech and Spurs' Harry Kane.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Congratulations to Alex Ferguson for allowing Paul Pogba to play in the Champions League final, now on with the news.

Robin van Persie turned up in Rome at the weekend, with both Roma and Lazio denying they are interested. They would say that, regardless of whether or not something was afoot. In The Mirror, there's a report with quotes saying that Van Persie seems reluctant to stay should be relegated to a role on the bench. You can read that here, and there's quotes from Lazio's president about it here.

Linked to that is the possible move for Lazio's Felipe Anderson, who has been linked with United for some time now, with speculation he's one of the quick attacking midfielders that Louis van Gaal has identified as a means of overhauling United's ponderous attack. He can't be worse than Marouane Fellaini or Wayne Rooney as an attacking midfielder, at least.

There's also in that story, a round-up of rumours suggesting United are in for Harry Kane, Petr Cech and Karim Benzema. Make of that what you will - here's the link.

In the Mail, there's a few Untied rumours. The first is that Arsene Wenger's interest in Morgan Schneiderlin has waned after Francis Coquelin's impressive half a season, and the price of £25 million putting him off further. The momentum grows for a move to United, then. That's here. Linked to an earlier story, there's a suggestion that Juventus will offer some readies for Van Persie. Lastly, there's a exposition on the reasons that United might be in for Benzema, and something on Gareth Bale staying at Real Madrid. There's no suggestion that Bale is lying when he says he'll be staying at Real next season, but it is exactly what every player says half the time, when he knows he can't get a new contract by hinting at a move away.