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Manchester United linked with Ilkay Gundogan and Dani Alves

Ilkay Gundogan will not move from Borussia Dortmund to Barcelona, who will also soon be losing Dani Alves on a free transfer.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Good morning, let's got on with this as I need to get out of the house sharpish.

Borussia Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Gundogan has long been linked with Manchester United, Barcelona and more recently Bayern Munich. After winning the treble, it appears according to some journalists that Barcelona are out of the race for him. That means that United move up the cab rank for him, but he'd be daft not to join Bayern if he was given the opportunity. That would, in turn, free up Bastian Schweinsteiger for a move to United. Let's be honest, none of us know what's going on.

ESPN have that story, and a few others, including Hugo Lloris telling Spurs he wants to join Manchester United, here.

Phil Jones has been rightly appraised by Paul Scholes as not smart enough to play in central defence. Dani Alves, a slightly better right back than Jones, has talked up a move to Milan, while he continues to be linked to United. If I was forced at gunpoint to put a bet on which way it's going, I'd burst into tears and panic. There's also mention of a move for Felipe Anderson. That's all in the Mirror, here.

Also in the Mirror, Robin van Persie expects United to spend another truckload of money in this summer, according to quotes here, and it should all start to speed up in the transfer market as United aim to satisfy Louis van Gaal's demand of having all transfers completed before pre-season training starts. It's a reasonable demand, so get moving, Woodward.

Lastly, the Daily Mail has Karim Benzema denying he would want to leave Real Madrid for Manchester United. Fair enough, but an agent is hardly likely to tell the truth for any reason other than it suits him. He's better than Wayne Rooney though, but so is a breezeblock.

Enjoy the sun.