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Manchester United set to keep Angel Di Maria but David de Gea exit to Real Madrid looks inevitable

Real Madrid are preparing for the endgame in their pursuit of David de Gea from Manchester United, while Petr Cech has admitted leaving London would be difficult, and Angel Di Maria looks set to say at United.

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Another day, another $0.0000000002.

The Mirror's transfer blog has news from Kicker, saying that Bayern Munich have laughed themselves sick onto their shiny shoes, having been quoted £44 million for Angel Di Maria. You are receiving this hot transfer news third hand., and you can read it here.

And the Mirror also has a wealth of United transfer rumours. Meetings with De Gea's agent are planned, at which point Real Madrid will start their negotiations with  transfer powerhouse Ed Woodward. Roma want Nani, because they hate themselves even more than United do. Lastly, Robin van Persie continues to be linked with Juventus as they anticipate the exit of Carlos Tevez. That's all on this website url here.

Tangential transfer news now. If De Gea does go, he'll almost certainly need to be replaced. There are concerns over Victor Valdes's knee, which means that he might not be promoted to be the senior player. Petr Cech, one of the potential signings, has been quoted describing the difficulties of moving out of London, which you might think makes Arsenal favourites. You can read that in the Telegraph here.

On ESPNFC, Scott Patterson of Republik of Mancunia says now is the time to get rid of Van Persie. He's almost certainly correct. Here's the blog. The site also has more on another moody United striker, Javier Hernandez. He's said that he's desperate to actually play football, which is more than fair enough. At United, it's got to the point when he might actually be better than the woeful Wayne Rooney, but it's hard to imagine that United could not buy a player better than both Rooney and Hernandez. If he's happy to stay on the bench and feature from kick-off only occasionally, he'll certainly be worth keeping around. You'd imagine Louis van Gaal is happy to see him go, and you can read Hernandez's quotes here.