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Thomas Muller flattered as Manchester United bid for Bayern Munich striker

Manchester United have bid for Bayern Munich's star striker Thomas Muller, with the forward describing events as, 'an honour.'

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Manchester United have long been linked with a move for Thomas Muller at Bayern Munich. He's an excellent player, and one who matured under United manager Louis van Gaal when the Dutchman was manager at Bayern.

However, things are not quite as settled under Pep Guardiola as they have been in the past, and a transfer has long been rumoured between United and Bayern for the forward.

Sportbild's Christian Falk has a story that Manchester United have bid for Muller, and that he considers being linked with the side, 'an honour,' which hardly counts as a desperation to stay with his current club. That's not to say that a move is inevitable, clearly, but it comes as a surprise that United are not just working on signing Bastian Schweinsteiger from the German club, but Muller too.

It is not yet clear when United made this bid, or if they are pursuing the move further.