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Luis Nani set to join Fenerbahce from Manchester United

Manchester United winger Luis Nani has been linked with a move to Turkish club Fenerbahce as his inconsistent time at Old Trafford comes to an end.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Luis Nani. The uncoachable Luis Nani. The Luis Nani who was sent back from the 2010 World Cup by Carlos Queiroz because of a 'shoulder injury.'

Luis Nani, the inconsistent Manchester United winger, is set to do one to Fenerbahce, who really should spell their name as Fenerbache to make things easier for all concerned.

Fenerbahce, according to a report in the Guardian, have offered five million euros, which is currently worth three and a half million pounds, but that will be worth about six quid by next Wednesday, and so there is some disagreement over which currency will be used.

Nevertheless, it is excellent to see some of the Ferguson-era deadwood being cut from the squad and new players being found as replacements. There's not a sensible man alive who would give Nani yet another chance, which is why it is worth remembering that David Moyes gave him a five-year contract.

Nani has intermittently impressed on loan at Sporting Lisbon, where he spent a season as part of the Marcos Rojo transfer, but the Portuguese side can't afford to keep him any longer. Is this interesting? No. Is this Manchester United news? Undoubtedly.