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Manchester United pursue Robert Lewandowski and close in on Nicolas Otamendi

Valencia defender Nicolas Otamendi looks set to join Manchester United, to be joined by PSG's Edinson Cavani.

In the Manchester Evening News they have quotes from Robert Lewandowski's agent, who has by no means turned down a potential move to Manchester United. He's said he'll need a bid of around £50 million, and then talked up his talents. The move isn't going to happen, obviously, but it's nice to know United aren't utterly repellent to even the best players at Bayern Munich. Read here.

In the Mirror, David de Gea is training with Manchester United as Real Madrid take their own sweet time. Either buy him or don't, we're all losing the will to live. That's here.

There are also continued rumours across the internet that Nicolas Otamendi's agent is on his way to Spain, with Ed Woodward planning to return soon from United's US tour. That might hint that Sergio Ramos isn't going to happen, but the most important is that United bought a capable defender rather than Ramos specifically.

Similarly, there are rumours that Angel Di Maria will be heading in one direction and Edinson Cavani the other. Go on then, put them both out of their misery.