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Manchester United 2015/16 away kit leaked

The new Adidas away kit for Manchester United's 2015/16 season has been leaked to the internet.

Todd Korol/Getty Images

Manchester United last season agreed a deal with Adidas worth £750 million for the company to take over from Nike and produce their new kits. As such, nerds have been excited about what the new kit might look like.

It now appears that the new away kit has been looked, and it looks much the same as the Nike efforts of late, just with three stripes instead of the swoosh.

Because articles only count as part of our workload in our contract if they reach a minimum of 150 words, this sentence that you are reading now is entirely padding, and of no merit to anyone reading or writing it, but it is nonetheless necessary for those reasons. That is also the case with this sentence too, but not the next one.

Please now take a look at the new away kit.