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Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez breaks collarbone on Mexico duty

Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez broke his collarbone in an international friendly when Mexico took on Honduras.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

The striker will now likely miss the Gold Cup with Mexico, and also will miss the majority, if not all, of pre-season for Manchester United.

United want to sell the striker as Louis van Gaal does not rate the striker or think he has much use for the first team. Hernandez, for his part, wants to leave to complain constantly somewhere else. After two good seasons at Manchester United he failed to sufficiently develop his all-round game to be anything other than a very useful substitute, something he clearly does not understand.

He was last seen complaining about the same circumstances at Real Madrid, where he was nothing more than a very useful substitute.

Should the injury be a complicated one, or he can't prove his fitness to potential suitors, United might end up using him next season, something which would cheer up many Manchester Untied fans who are woefully incapable of working out when a player is a weak-willed, deluded busted flush, and prefer only to remember the good qualities of the player in the face of all other evidence and events. Still, maybe both United and Hernandez will get lucky, and he'll transform himself into the striker of four years ago.