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Barcelona's Pedro says he wants to join Manchester United

Barcelona forward Pedro has told friends that he wishes to leave to join Manchester United, who also want a top class striker.

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Clive Mason/Getty Images

In the Telegraph, as well as welcome news that Wayne Rooney will no longer be allowed to stink up the midfield, is the information that Pedro has told his mates that he favours a move to Manchester United. A move could happen quite swiftly, now Ed Woodward will be back in the UK. Felipe Anderson has also been mentioned as a potential forward, but unless Louis van Gaal can get a player of the quality of Robert Lewandowski or Edinson Cavani, he'll focus on targets in other positions. You can read that here, yo.

In the Mail is a story perhaps linked to the above - Javier Hernandez could get another chance at Manchester United as Van Gaal can't get his hands on anyone better. Quite how being a substitute, yet again, will improve Hernandez's mood is not clear, but he can expect more games if United get into the proper stages of the Champions League. READ. Also in the Mail is a report on Sergio Romero replacing Victor Valdes. That's here.

In the Mirror, Manchester United are apparently close to signing Pedro, but that means that Angel Di Maria will be allowed to leave to Paris Saint-Germain, with talks ongoing on a fee, so far at £40 million. United want more, but they will do well to have a player who actually wants to be at United, rather than one who joined so reluctantly and already wants to leave. You can have a look at that story here.

In the Guardian, Van Gaal has explained why Fellaini faces a fight for a place - because he's suspended for the first three matches of the season. That short piece is here.