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Barcelona admit Pedro is free to join Manchester United as Angel Di Maria is set for PSG

Barcelona manager Luis Enrique knows there is nothing he can do to prevent Manchester United buying Pedro, and Angel Di Maria expects to join Paris Saint-Germain soon.

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The Mirror have a story that Angel Di Maria does not expect to play for Manchester United again. United and Paris Saint-Germain are in talks to agree a compromise fee, which is expected to be reached, and a deal should be sorted soon. Di Maria was a complete waste of time last season, and while that might change next season in a better side, it isn't a ridiculous decision for Louis van Gaal and Di Maria to cut their losses, and both try something different. You can read that here.

The Manchester Evening News have an update on Sergio Ramos: he expects Sergio Ramos to be staying. This move could go all the way to the deadline day, with Nicolas Otamendi as United's backup choice. There's a chance that Otamendi is also Real's backup replacement, meaning that there's not necessarily any rush to get this one done. You can have a look at that here.

The Telegraph have quotes from Barcelona's manager Luis Enrique, who says that while he has talked to the player about his future and wants him to stay, it is up to Manchester United to meet the release clause and buy him should they want him, and there's nothing that can be done. Expect a deal should Di Maria depart. Have a read of that article here.

Good news - Ashley Young has yet to be offered a new contract. It appeared he only bothered to try last year because his future was at risk. If he can continue his good form for another year, then fair enough, he probably has earned another chance, but a single year of effort after many seasons of nonsense is not enough. Keep him on his toes for a little while longer. That's on ESPNFC here.