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Angel Di Maria to join Paris Saint-Germain from Manchester United for 65 million euros

Angel Di Maria will leave for Paris Saint-Germain from Manchester United after wasting everyone's time for a year.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

According to L'Equipe, Manchester United will sell waste of time Angel Di Maria to Paris Saint-Germain for 65 million euros.

The absolute waste of time will have a chance to relaunch his career after wasting his and everyone else's time over the last season at Manchester United when he assisted loads of goals, scored a belter against Leicester City, but was generally absolutely appalling and couldn't be bothered.

United are expected to replace Di Maria with Pedro from Barcelona and possibly Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Either way, they could replace Di Maria with a dead dog for all the use he was last year.

Nonetheless, it's a shame he was a complete waste of time for United as he is a fundamentally excellent player when he isn't a complete waste of time, and will no doubt perform well at Paris Saint-Germain.