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Manchester United 2015/16 kit announced

Manchester United's new kit for the 2015/16 has been announced with pictures revealed.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Manchester United's new 2015/16 kit has been revealed, with photographs of the shirt, shorts and socks below. It is anticipated that the players will wear boots over their socks. It is also expected that players will wear the shirt on their torso, placing their arms through the sleeves, and their head through the neckhole provided.

Additionally, the shorts are designed to be secured around the waist with an elastic band, a daring new piece of technology that Adidas have been researching and developing for years - not having to keep drawing the shorts up during a run is hoped to give United players an advantage during sprints. Shorts, a kind of short version of trousers, are traditionally worn on the top half of players' legs, as they present a trip hazard when the waistband sits on the knee level.