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Angel Di Maria close to PSG move as Manchester United close in on Pedro

Manchester United will sell Angel Di Maria to Paris Saint-Germain for approximately £45 million, and Pedro is expected to leave Barcelona for Old Trafford.

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The Guardian believe that Angel Di Maria will soon be off to Paris Saint-Germain after a deal neared completion. PSG should pay between £40-45 million after an initial £28 million bid was rejected. You can read that here.

The Telegraph also add to the number of papers who believe that United retain an interest in John Stones, though the article here seems to think that Chelsea remain favourites. It would be a surprise if Chelsea don't end up with him, but United have a slight advantage in that Everton want Jonny Evans, which could give them the edge. Regardless, United need a central defender yet don't seem close to getting one.

According to Marca, Pedro will join United, but only after Barcelona play their Super Cup match. It seems an odd one - why wouldn't United just activate the clause when they want to? - but there you go, football is odd. Or maybe it's just a verbal agreement. That report is here, for you to read with your eyes, or with the software you might use to read out the words to you.

Right, let's, play, cricket.