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Manchester United closer to sealing Sergio Ramos transfer from Real Madrid

Manchester United are holding firm as Real Madrid refuse to sell Sergio Ramos on the cheap, as United do the same for David de Gea, but a compromise could soon be reached.

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The Guardian say that David de Gea will be forced to see out his contract at Manchester United should Real Madrid not sell them Sergio Ramos. There's a chance that United and Real Madrid will be flexible on the respective transfer fees as negotiations continue, to make sure that neither loses face. You can read about the move here.

The Telegraph report that Sergio Ramos has been clear to Real: he wants to leave, he only wants to leave for United, and he wants Real to negotiate with United on the basis of their first bid, a little under £30 million. He certainly seems like he wants to leave, which is very weird - United have a history full of success but a less certain future. You can have a look at that here.

Also in the Telegraph is another rumour about Nicolas Gaitan. Uuuuuuuuuuuuurgh.

Hull City want James Wilson on loan, read that in the MEN.

What a rubbish day for rumours.