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Manchester United new 2015/16 kit leaked

Manchester United's 2015/16 kit has been leaked, and it looks like most other Adidas kits.

Felipe Oliveira/Getty Images

Manchester United's new Adidas kit deal begins in 2015/16, in an agreement worth £750,000,000. As a result of the move from Nike to the purveyors of three stripes, there's been an unusually keen sense to find out what the first United kit designed by Adidas will look like.

There have been a few rumoured designs along the way, and most have them have been standard, plain, inoffensive kits recalling the eighties home kit that United used to wear, and the leaked kit is no different.

We can expect the new away kits to be launched soon, and now that Manchester United are back in the Champions League, expect another wallet-scraping Champions League special edition home kit, to make sure that parents and kids are held to ransom each Christmas. Capitalism, what would we do without it?