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Manchester United launch new Adidas home kit

The side, and Adidas, are promising to break expectations. We assume this doesn't mean Manchester United are about to get relegated.

Christopher Lee/Getty Images

We interrupt our regular summer schedule -- all rumours, all the time! -- to bring you exciting news. Manchester United have some new t-shirts! And, as long as you can somehow direct the gaze away from the pustulent yellow sore bulging from across the middle of it, they don't look too bad. Here's a video. It's ... well, it's quite the thing.

Excellent face from Phil Jones in there. And another one here, as he breaks into Angel di Maria's house by way of a hilarious initiation prank.

jones new kit smaller

Here the shirt itself, hanging behind a window, having apparently been riddled with gunfire.

new shirt

And here's a made-up word.


Away and third shirt are to come within the month, apparently, though presumably the leaks that have been floating around will be pretty close. In a Q&A distributed with these photographs, the designer of the kit, one Inigo Turner, was asked if there was anything special about the shade of red employed.

It is called 'real red'. It was crucial that the red used is correct. The club has an archive of jerseys, all of which have a similar red to them, so we wanted the color which United are synonymous with now and also the one which is close to the one we had in the past. So it involved looking at the current red and then checking it against the one we had on the old adidas shirt. They're not actually that far apart so we chose one which fits for both. It's a unique red for the club and we hope the fans will like it.

There you go. "Real red". Have that, Liverpool. Anyway, anybody going to be buying one? DI MARIA 7s all round, we assume?