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Manchester United receive final David de Gea bid from Real Madrid, Pedro announcement soon

According to reports, Barcelona expect a Manchester United and Pedro annoucement, 'soon,' and Javier Hernandez could leave for West Ham when Pedro joins.

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Mark Thompson/Getty Images

In the Daily Mail, the story is that Manchester United have are considering a £12 million bid from West Ham for Mexican misery guts Javier Hernandez. The rub is that they need to buy Pedro before they sell Hernandez, or they'll be light up front going into the season. This hints that Pedro might, on occasion, be considered as United's main striker at points of the coming season. Anyway, you can read it here.

There's a story in the Telegraph that Real Madrid have made a final, £21.2 million bid for David de Gea. They're not worried too much about getting him this season, as they have the able Keylor Navas as first choice at the moment, and can eventually get him on a free. You can read that story here.

In the Mirror, there's a story that United's hopes of signing Sergio Ramos have ended. Well, yes.

Sam Johnston might go on loan. Or not. It depends. Something needs to happen soon. Read about it in the Guardian.

And lastly, the Manchester Evening News have a story saying that Barcelona expect an announcement soon on Pedro. That announcement is presumably that the three parties, including Manchester United, have agreed a transfer. It was delayed by the Super Cups, but that's resolved soon. Have a look.