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Manchester United's 2015-16 away kit revealed

Manchester United's new away strip is apparently modelled on the apparently classic kits of the 1980s. Apparently.

Look, it's Pards!
Look, it's Pards!
David Cannon/Getty Images

Adidas have come up with the novel idea of giving Manchester United two kits to wear this season, just in case someone else turns up wearing red too. Amazing! You can certainly see why United gave up on Nike.

However, this 'away kit' concept has apparently arisen in the past too, as Adidas, or adidas, as their press officer would rather we spelled it, tell us that the white strip takes "design inspiration from iconic three-stripe United kits from the 1980s."

As with the home kit, it apparently comes with a complementary comedy trident for you to smash your house's windows with. Whether United will take to the field against Aston Villa on Friday armed with their Adidas-branded weaponry is yet to be confirmed, though we can be certain that they'll be wearing their white kit. Riveting stuff.