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Manchester United choose between Nicolas Otamendi and John Stones

Manchester United have been linked to Valencia's Nicolas Otamendi and Everton's John Stones, with Pedro's transfer seemingly assured.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

With three weeks left of the transfer window left, things are getting faintly tedious.

In Manchester Evening News, there's a discussion about why Bastian Schweinsteiger and Pedro are not repeats of the same mistake made when United bought Angel Di Maria. The two players actually want to play for United, even if they didn't want to leave the clubs they played most of their careers at. Here's the article.

The links between Manchester United and Nicolas Otamendi aren't going away. In Spain, they appear certain that a deal is imminently imminent, and they've been of that opinion for much of the summer. Either United really are not interested, as this article on ESPNFC suggests, or United were holding on until they discovered that Sergio Ramos definitely wasn't coming. If they are interested, they need to get a move on before Manchester City stick their oar in - there's a rumour in the Mirror that they are interested too.

If not Otamendi, then who? ESPNFC also have a blog suggesting John Stones of Everton, with Jonny Evans going the other way, could be the player they are after.

Also a note - United are playing against Villa on a Friday, so get some time off work.