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Manchester United balls up Pedro transfer as Chelsea look set to complete deal

Manchester United have embarrassed themselves enormously as Pedro looks set to join Chelsea.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Manchester United were told what the price was for Pedro - thirty million euros. Manchester United dithered and dithered about the structure of the fee, offering 25 million euros up front plus 5 million in add-ons. Chelsea offered a few million up front, and obviously Barcelona chose the higher offer.

Ed Woodward was dispatched to Barcelona to resolve the deal, but failed to offer the fee that Barcelona required, despite obviously being able to afford it, given the bids for Thomas Muller and Gareth Bale in recent times.

Pedro has spoken to former teammates about where would suit him best. Keep in mind Victor Valdes - we are told  by Louis van Gaal - refused to play for the under-21s and appeared to reject that accusation (in similar circumstances to David de Gea asking not to play for the side and then rejecting that accusation).

It appears that in waiting so long to tie up the deal, that United have allowed Pedro to decide to join the champions of England, Chelsea, rather than wait for the club he originally wanted to join to carry out the most basic of transfers.

Sure. Well done to everyone involved at Manchester United. A triumph.