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Manchester United switch focus from Barcelona's Pedro to Southampton's Sadio Mane

As Manchester United look set to miss out on Pedro, who is joining Chelsea, there are reports they have made an initial bid for Southampton's Sadio Mane.

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Humiliation, despair, laughter. All things that Ed Woodward goes through on a daily basis in his United career.













All players that United have supposedly looked at in the last two and a bit years and managed to miss out on for one reason or another, despite Woodward occasionally briefing hacks that he was the man with the plan.

Anyway, from Pedro being almost a sure thing to being Chelsea's new shiny thing, United have apparently moved on swiftly and lodged an initial bid with Southampton for their Senegalese winger Sadio Mane.

The winger scored 10 goals last season in his impressive first year for Southampton, and would certainly provide pace and trickery on the right wing, something that United miss with Juan Mata in that position, and would have addressed had Pedro arrived.

Is it likely? When Ed Woodward is involved, let's just hope United don't end up giving them Memphis for free and renting them Old Trafford for £20 a week. The story is here to read in the Telegraph.