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Pedro move appears certain as Louis van Gaal cuts ties with David de Gea at Manchester United

Pedro has informed friends and family of his wish to join Manchester United, and Louis van Gaal has decided now is the time to sell David de Gea to Real Madrid.

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Spanish paper AS says that Louis van Gaal has decided that enough is enough where David de Gea is concerned, and after some mistakes in a friendly that's the end of it - now is the time to sell it. The Mirror has all this in English, but you should be careful. Rarely is it true that a foreign newspaper will break the news of a club in another country. That's not to say it's untrue, just there are more reasons to be sceptical of this story than many others.

The Manchester Evening News has a brief piece on fitness and how there is an improved physical condition at United, without really explaining much beyond Adnan Januzaj and Luke Shaw getting personal trainers over the summer. Has training changed much? How? Who's doing it? Dunno, dunno, dunno. Read that here.

In the Mail, there's a story that Pedro's family and friends already know that he's going to join Manchester United, the question for the rest of us is when that happens either after Barcelona's Super Cup obligations, or before the start of the season as United wish. They should probably get a move on either way, and you can have a look at the full details here.

Roy Keane doesn't think United have a chance at the title this year - he is probably correct - and he also thinks that United will nonetheless improved after another round of big spending - he is probably correct. Keane is correct about most things, obviously. Look.

United have also been linked with Gareth Bale, isn't that nice.