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Manchester United chase Thomas Muller and Sadio Mane after Pedro failure

Manchester United have been linked with moves for Bayern Munich's Thomas Muller and Southampton's Sadio Mane, with Pedro now off to Chelsea.

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The Telegraph have one account, presumably from the point of view of Chelsea's leaks, about how they pulled off the transfer of Pedro under the noses of Manchester United. You can believe that it was Louis van Gaal's decision to pull out of the deal if you like, and you can trust them that they were really pursuing Sadio Mane at the same time, with just as much vehemence, or you can decide the whole thing is more Ed Woodward incompetence. Here's the Telegraph story.

In the Mail, you can read about how the Mane deal is progressing. Basically, he's going to cost more than Pedro. Now, as he's younger, and Southampton are less willing to sell than Barcelona, that's why he costs more. The decision that matters is if he's good enough - it's fair to say he's not proved that for certain at Southampton yet.

In the Mirror, there's a story that United will offer Thomas Muller a million quid a month to join them. The only way this deal gets done is if Muller puts in a transfer request, so they are going to have to offer silly money to make that happen. It's looking rather difficult to pull off, to say the least.

Lastly, the Manchester Evening News carry a story with Wayne Rooney saying he knew he had a bad game. What about your bad four years, then?