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Manchester United linked with Barcelona's Neymar after secret talks

Manchester United have been linked with a move for Barcelona's Brazilian forward Neymar, and Sadio Mane could still join from Southampton.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Manchester United are definitely having secret talks with Barcelona for Neymar. Those Pedro talks were simply a smokescreen. Three weeks of talks where United have tried to structure a deal for the wan Brazilian superstar were without doubt taking place. That is in the Sun, and it does sound like an incredible amount of rubbish. One, it's Neymar. Two, why would Barcelona sell? Three, why would he want to leave? Four, the transfer ban. Five, why would he want to move to Manchester? You can read the story here. Dearie me.

In the Mirror, Louis van Gaal has said he won't panic buy. He should, really, because whoever he buys in defence and in attack are very likely to be an improvement upon Phil Jones and Wayne Rooney. A better club would have sorted both of these transfers out, but Liverpool fan Ed Woodward is in charge, so what can you do.

In ESPNFC, there's a story saying that Sadio Mane will leave Southampton, but it's just a matter of time. If United want him, essentially, then they will have to make it worth Southampton's while, which would be a bid of around £25 million. That's all there is to it - so we can see if Woodward was bluffing about that interest too, soon enough.