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Wayne Rooney might not be out of form ... he might be done

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney hasn't started the season very well. But he'll be fine, right? Er, perhaps not ...

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

As some of you doubtless know, The Busby Babe is but a small part of the wider SB Nation family. And over on the main SB Nation Soccer site, somebody called "Andi Thomas" — silly name, if you ask me — has a written a piece that might well be relevant to your interests:

The evidence Wayne Rooney is physically toast, not just out of form

In it, this "Thomas" chancer counts up the number of games that Wayne Rooney has played, compares that number to various other Premier League players past and present, and decides that Rooney might not just be going through a bad moment of form. He might actually be at, or very close to, the end of his career. At least, his career as the player he is.

Look, go and read it, if you like. Or not. It's up to you. But there's nearly four hours until kick off and we thought you might need something to pass the time. Are we the real heroes? It's not for us to say.