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Morgan Schneiderlin loves Manchester United and Eric Cantona

Manchester United's shiny new midfielder has been talking to France Football about the club, his career, and his ambitions. And socks.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Full disclosure: we're not entirely sure when this interview dates from. We say this because while France Football published it on their website today, at one point Morgan Schneiderlin says that he's only spoken to Wayne Rooney twice. Which, given they've been working together for a few months now, sounds a bit odd.

No matter! For United's new French midfielder says lots of other more interesting, less confusing things, and talks about his admiration for Eric Cantona, his childhood love of David Beckham's haircut, his superstitions, and the status of the Premier League through French eyes. Oh, and how Rooney ruined his dreams of wearing no. 8 at United.

But we think this is our favourite answer. When asked how he felt when Louis van Gaal got in touch over the summer, he responded:

I was on holiday with my girlfriend and my friends. My agent called me to tell me that Louis van Gaal was going to call me. I kept my phone close to me for the whole day. Louis van Gaal sent me a text message to ask if he could call me in the afternoon.

I responded to him saying that he could call me whenever he wanted.

Damn right you did, Morgan. Damn right you did. Anyway, go and read the whole thing. It's pretty great.