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David de Gea to join Real Madrid from Manchester United this week

Angel Di Maria and David de Gea will leave Manchester United this week to join PSG and Real Madrid respectively, while Louis van Gaal expects Pedro's arrival from Barcelona to give United a chance at the title.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

On ESPNFC, there's one very enjoyable bit of news. That's right, Lionel Messi has been criticised by a human rights organisation for his part in promoting the ruler of Gabon. First a tax evasion charge, and now this. What a wonderful, shining light he is to all our children. Also on the site, and more relevant to Manchester United, is that Marca say that this week could be the week that David de Gea gets his way, with United fed up with him, and Real and the 'keeper obviously willing to get the transfer done as soon as possible. You can read that here.

In the Mirror, Louis van Gaal is quoted as explaining why Pedro's arrival from Barcelona is so important, with him noting the vital qualities of pace and creativity, both of which Pedro possesses more than, say, Ashley Young and Wayne Rooney do. That can be read here.

Finally, praise Jesus, Angel Di Maria's going to have his PSG medical in Doha.