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Manchester United draw Club Brugge in Champions League playoff round

Manchester United have been handed a fairly nice Champions League playoff game against Club Brugge.

Frank Peters/Getty Images

Manchester United will play Belgian side Club Brugge in the Champions League playoff round. It's about as good a draw as Louis van Gaal's side could've hoped for, with strong teams like Monaco and Lazio having been avoided. Not only is it pretty nice in sporting terms, but it'll be a nice away day for the travelling United support too.

Club Brugge finished second in the Belgian Pro League last season, and a quick scan of Wikipedia reveals that they have no famous names. However, they're a pretty young team -- the average age of their squad is just 23 -- and the naivety of youth can sometimes prove even more dangerous than a team of cynical old journeymen. United can't think that it's a foregone conclusion.

Still, it would take a major upset for United to be eliminated by the Belgians, and van Gaal will doubtless be pleased with the outcome. The first leg will be played at Old Trafford on 18/19 August, with the reverse leg on 25/26 August.