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Eric Cantona remains the greatest living Frenchman, and the greatest ever Frenchman

Eric Cantona has accurately appraised the refugee and migrant crisis that has finally arrived at Europe's doors after fomenting further afield for many years.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Eric Cantona has cemented his position as the greatest living Frenchman, just ahead of Patrice Evra, by describing his disgust with xenophobia and establishing the hypocrisy of French politics and politicians.

Cantona was asked about the reasons behind the recent influx of refugees from Syria and of those people coming from Libya, and explained to Le Parisien:

‘We create wars for economic reasons and then people flee countries because we've created chaos and we're not even able to receive them."

When asked if he would be happy to except Syrian refugees, Cantona explained that he would be happy to do so, and spoke about the majority of the French public's opposition to accepting them. Cantona affirmed:

"Of course, certainly, and it would be good if the 65 million French people would all be willing to accept them."

Cantona also said that he would spoil his ballot, having been disappointed with Francois Hollande's performance as President of France, and warned of the dangers of competing with the racist attitude of the Front National over migrants, warning not to share their ground.