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Links: MLS confirm interest in Wayne Rooney, David de Gea contract, Marcos Rojo scared by Louis van Gaal

The MLS have confirmed their interest in taking Wayne Rooney to America, David de Gea looks set to sign a new Manchester United contract, and Marcos Rojo has said that he's sometimes scared of Louis van Gaal.

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Manchester United have opened talks with David de Gea over a new five-year contract, which will see him earn close to £200,000 and may have a release clause of around £30 million. It remains to be seen if these details are correct, but it certainly would fit into the expectation that De Gea will receive a new contract, play for United to the best of his abilities for one more season, and then join Real Madrid in an easier deal than in the previous transfer window. That's in the Telegraph. Also in the paper is a pretty good profile of Anthony Martial, here.

Good news! The MLS want to bring Wayne Rooney to America. Bad news! They are happy to wait at least a couple more years before making a move for him. Given his wages, the MLS will probably be the only league able to afford him before his contract ends, so unless his form improves, pray that he decides he's had enough of England before too long. You can read more in the Mirror.

Over in the Mail, you can read Marcos Rojo - supposedly at odds with Louis van Gaal at the moment - playing down any rift by saying that he gets on OK with his manager, and although he's scary, you can get on well with him if you listen to what he asks. Let's hope that, in turn, Van Gaal listened to Michael Carrick and Rooney when they asked for changes to training.

And the always worthwhile Andy Mitten is over on ESPNFC, with his analysis of Van Gaal and Ryan Giggs shaping United for the future, with purchases of players like Martial, among other changes. That's here.

Lastly, here's Jack Sargeant's excellent preview of United's match tomorrow, against Liverpool.