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Manchester United are not in crisis, but Liverpool could change that

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Some reading ahead of Sunday's game. Could a loss nudge Manchester United into CRISIS?

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Over on SB Nation's main football site, that fraud Andi Thomas — silly name, silly man — has been writing about Manchester United again, ahead of their upcoming game against Liverpool:

Manchester United vs. Liverpool is as must-win as September games can be

If you can't be bothered to read the whole thing then here's a precis. Both United and Liverpool have had almost identical starts to the season, not just in terms of results but in the way that they've played. Which is to say that they've both been mostly frustratingly and occasionally embarrassing: for the collapse against Swansea, read the collapse against West Ham.

Tantalisingly, while neither Brendan Rodgers nor Louis van Gaal is in any clear and obvious trouble just at the moment, both are pretty damn close. As such, this weekend's fixture isn't just important for all the normal reasons — because it's them — but also because a loss for either team might well transform the mutterings and the rumblings into a full-blown ...