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Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal: I'm not a dictator

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has said that he is not a dictator, after reports that Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney complained about training at Carrington.

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The Telegraph speculate, probably correctly, that even though David de Gea has a four-year (with the option of another) contract with Manchester United, Real Madrid won't simply drop their interest. You can read about that here. Things will become clearer after the winter transfer window, but it's entirely possible that he'll still be off at the start of the summer, perhaps even before Euro 2016.

Louis van Gaal as explained that he has made some changes to how he prepares for his matches, saying in his press conference:

"Yes, I have changed the way that I [draw up] the game plan to them.

"Now I ask in advance and they can say what they want. Most of the strategy is always the same because they like the way we have done it."

"They have to explain why and how and then I'll listen. Not only I will listen. Also my assistants are listening and then we discuss it. And then I have to change it. But, yeah, then you have to come with strong arguments, so I have adapted.

"For example, I have read there are a lot of meetings. That's the philosophy - that you have to make an analysis of the opponents, then you need a meeting to show that. Then you have to make a game plan, then you have to hold a meeting about the game plan. Then you have to practise. Then we have to discuss with the players, on the pitch, how they feel. And maybe we have to change. And when they have good arguments, we change. And then we play the match. And then we have to see how they play. And then I have to say something at half-time and then I can change, then we have an evaluation meeting.

"So, when you have professional behaviour, you know there are a lot of meetings. And we are working at the most commercial club in the world, so we have also a lot of commercial activities."

In the Manchester Evening News, United are downplaying the possibility of Martial making an immediate impact - have a look at Van Gaal's quotes here.

Right that's it. Manchester United vs Liverpool.